Come fare il detergente per piatti

(English version down below)

Oggi ci cimenteremo in una pozione magica per lavare i piatti: il detergente naturale, super sgrassante, non inquinante, adatto sia per lavaggi a mano sia in lavastoviglie. La mia amica Claudia mi ha passato la ricetta e ve la ripropongo tale e quale. Non produrrà schiuma né sapone ai quali siamo abituati, ma la forza sgrassante è meglio dei prodotti che troviamo al supermercato. Ottimo per lavare le stoviglie quando si è in campeggio o in spazi aperti proprio perché amico dell’ambiente.

Ingredienti: 6 limoni interi, 400gr di sale grosso, 200gr di aceto bianco, 700 gr di acqua.

Procedimento: frullare i limoni con il sale finché non otterrete una poltiglia e travasarla in una pentola. Aggiungervi l’aceto e l’acqua e mettere sul fuoco. Fare bollire per quindici minuti mescolando di tanto in tanto. Quando si sarà raffreddata un po’, travasare in barattoli di vetro.

Dosi: 3 cucchiai per lavastoviglie (o di più in base allo sporco); q.b. per lavaggi a mano 🙂


Today I will give you a recipe to make a natural, eco-friendly dish detergent. It can be used in the dishwasher and for hand washing as well. Its super antigrease properties will make your dishes shine although it won’t produce any bubbles or soapy foam typical of supermarket products. This product is perfect if you go camping and need to wash your reusable dishes as it is 100% safe to be washed in streams and rivers given that it does not produce any pollutants.

Here is the recipe given to me by my friend Claudia. Ingredients: 6 whole lemons, 400gr cooking salt (a little bit more than 1.5 cups), 200gr of white vinegar (almost one cup), 700gr of water (almost three cups).

Procedure: blend the lemons and the salt together until you have a mushy thing (very professional terminology). Then place it in a pot and add the vinegar and water and let it cook until it boils. Let it boil for about fifteen minutes, stirring once in a while. Turn the stove off and let it cool a bit before pouring it in glass jars. For dishwasher: around three spoons or according to degree of dirt; for handwashing… according to you! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Come fare il detergente per piatti

  1. Hi!!
    I’m curious! Has this recipe worked for you? Because we tried this same mix for a couple of months for our dishwasher but somehow we didn’t like the results: still spots and stains, too liquid, cloudy glasses… and just before reading your post I was going through the minimalist exposure ( which was interesting I just left a comment about my experience there. Looking forward to read your experience! 💚


    1. Hi! And thanks for your comment. Well, I must admit that we pre rinse our dishes with water and a sponge prior to putting them in the dishwasher, as we normally did when using the regular dish soap. I then sparingly pour some natural detergent over the dishes and pans because it wouldn’t work properly if I put it in the designated compartment! Also sometimes i have to wash again greasy plastic containers because the oil is hard to remove from plastic, but I had to do the same even when using the store bought detergent. I hope it helps!


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